Cierra Norris - 40 Gamechangers under 40
Cierra Norris
Brian Protest
Cierra Protest
Cierra sitting on a car with fist raised
Marching with fists raised
Marching and chanting for justice
Cierra holding up a sign that says 'Thugs'
A painting of Breonna Taylor as featured on the cover of O Magazine with headline Breonna Taylor Born June 5 1993 Killed by Police March 13 2020 Her life matters
Cierra, sitting on the roof of a car, holding a sign that says 'Black Education Matters, Black Housing Matters, Black Mental Health Matters, Black Safety Matters, Black Families Matter, Black Lives Matter' and defiantly flipping the middle finger
Kate wearing a face mask and holding a sign that says 'Please. I can't Breathe. The knee on my neck. I can't breathe, officer. They gonna kill me. - George Floyd 5/25, and also another quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. that says 'Injustice anywhere is a threat to it everywhere.
Cierra standing defiantly with fist raised in front of the George Floyd mural painting in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Selfie of Cierra in a car taken during the protests for George Floyd with a quote from her Grandma, an original member of the Black Panthers. The quote says 'be a smart revolutionary Cierra.'