A felony is an extremely serious matter. If you are charged with a felony, you are likely facing the possibility of prison time, fines, and conditional release: also known as parole if convicted. 


To minimize your exposure to the consequences of a felony charge it is essential that you follow these steps. 


  1. Remain calm

Do not resist arrest or attempt to argue with police. Resisting will make you appear guilty and could result in additional charges against you. 


  2. Exercise your right to remain silent

The Fifth Amendment gives us the right to refuse to incriminate yourself in a criminal case. The easiest way to avoid incriminating yourself is to remain silent. If you are in custody, refuse to answer any questions until a lawyer is present. 


  3. Request your Attorney 

It is extremely important for you to hire a criminal defense attorney the moment you are accused of a crime. Your attorney will help you understand and exercise your rights to protect your freedom.


  4. Know your charges

A felony carries severe penalties, including a prison or county sentence. It is vital that you understand the nature and accuracy of your charges.


  5. Review of bail

Your attorney will review the facts of the case in preparation for a bond hearing or review in bond court.


  6. Be honest with your Attorney

Your Attorney will need to know the most accurate information about your case in order to provide adequate defense. 


  7. Write down the details of your case

Prepare the most accurate information possible to support your case, this may include witness statements and contact information. 


  8. Attend court proceedings

Defendants must be present and are held responsible for all court hearing dates and times. Dress properly, make eye contact with the Judge, and be mannerable when addressed by the court. Failure to appear may result in a warrant for your arrest. 

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