Chicago Police Officer Retains Attorney Cierra Norris Following Retaliatory Abuse And Wrongful Termination For Shedding Light On Police Misconduct

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Chicago, IL — Chicago based law firm, C. Norris Law Group, LLC., announced they have been retained on behalf of CPD Officer Jonathan Mehrhoff, who suffered public humiliation, loss of livelihood, and mental suffering at the hands of Chicago Police Department coworkers who attempted to silence Mr. Mehrhoff’s participation in an internal affairs investigation into CPD misconduct. Despite a stellar record, job performance, and extensive history in CPD, the CPD officer was the target of outrageous conduct and abuse by his colleagues, and was wrongly terminated by CPD officials in the wake of the ongoing harassment. This retaliatory behavior initiated by CPD officers follows a similar disturbing pattern of bullying and abuse towards whistleblowers within the department.

A video of the incident at issue, which occurred on November 27, 2022, depicts CPD officers engaging in a pretextual traffic stop on I-290. In the video, CPD officers are seen pulling over Mehrhoff’s vehicle, and aggressively approaching him with their weapons already drawn, despite the fact that Mehrhoff was only traveling 60 miles per hour just prior to the unconstitutional stop.

These acts of misconduct by CPD are not isolated incidents. Prior to November 27, 2022, this officer had submitted a separate complaint to internal affairs that was still under investigation for similar misconduct.

“The acts of these officers were meant solely to retaliate against Mr. Mehrhoff, and to intimidate him into silence. This situation shows a reckless disregard for both internal and external police accountability.” said Cierra Norris, Founder of C. Norris Law Group.

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