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Legal Counsel Retained for Emotional Trauma Suffered During Outrageous Interaction with Lovejoy Police Officer Caught on Video.

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Atlanta, GA — Chicago based law firm, C. Norris Law Group, LLC., announced they have been retained on behalf of the female victim who suffered emotional trauma during an outrageous assault by a Lovejoy Police officer, and following similar disturbing and retaliatory harassment by the same officer.

A video of the incident at issue, which occurred on October 27, 2022, has been the focus of social media attention, and shows a Lovejoy Police officer repeatedly shouting threats at and intimidating the female victim who was pregnant at the time of the alarming incident.

The actions of the officer were caught on cell phone cameras and took place in front of multiple witnesses including other drivers and local construction workers. Lovejoy Police representatives have stated that the conduct depicted in the videos was disturbing, and the officer in question has been suspended during an internal affairs investigation. Other witnesses have come forward to offer their videos and support for the victim as well.

The victim of the assault was an African American female who was pregnant at the time of the incident. Additionally, the victim in this case has had several threatening interactions with this particular officer dating back to June of this year, and both the traffic stop, and subsequent behavior of the officer appear to be retaliatory in nature.

“Police Departments that fail to prevent their officers from engaging in this type of behavior must be held accountable.” said Founding Partner Cierra Norris.

“This event was 100% avoidable with proper training, and proper supervision,” said Attorney Evan Finneke, “especially given this specific officer’s history of aggressive interactions with the victim on prior occasions.”

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