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Defend yourself against unfair DUI charges

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There are many times when people are falsely accused of DUIs. Driving under the influence is serious, and most people know that. Unfortunately, there are times when medications, exhaustion and other factors add up and make them appear to be driving recklessly. An officer might see how they’re driving and accuse them of being intoxicated.

One thing that some people don’t realize is that you can face a DUI if you’re impaired by medication. Perhaps you just started taking a new allergy medication or one to help you fight off an infection; if it makes you drowsy, you could be accused of reckless driving or even a DUI.

Another thing that could lead to a wrongful DUI is a medical condition that mimics intoxication. Seizures, other neurological conditions, diabetes and more can leave you looking impaired, even when you’re not.

What should you do if an officer stops you when you haven’t been drinking?

You should tell the officer that you have not been drinking. If you have a medical condition, you may want to explain that you’re diabetic or have seizures if you believe that you’re suffering from a medical emergency.

If the officer persists in trying to prove a DUI by giving you a breath test or by asking you to complete field sobriety tests, there is a potential for you to fail. If you do, it’s time to talk to your attorney about defending yourself. You have a right to fight back when you’re being accused of doing something that you did not. Your attorney will help you defend your rights and support you through this trying time.