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Innocent of the charges against you? You still need a defense attorney

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Far too many residents in Chicago, IL, have been incarcerated for crimes they never committed. While some may not have had effective counsel, many more were likely just pushed along through a legal system that tends to favor the prosecution. Unfortunately, many defendants facing unfounded charges believe so strongly that justice will prevail, they fail to protect themselves properly. Our criminal defense attorneys have faith in the nation’s judicial system as well. However, we also understand that innocence isn’t enough to protect you once the prosecution has you in their sights.

When this happens, we believe it is a monumental tragedy. As such, one of our primary missions involves ensuring that true justice occurs. This means that we are committed to fighting just as hard on behalf of innocent American citizens as we are on behalf of those who have simply made a mistake.

Some of the most valuable advantages of acquiring skilled legal counsel in the wake of an arrest (regardless of your innocence or guilt) include the following:

  • A thorough review of the circumstances leading to your arrest and their legality
  • An advocate that will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the best possible outcome for your case
  • A focused approach to the defense strategy that best supports your case
  • Access to someone who understands how prosecutors work to acquire a conviction
  • An advocate who knows how to uncover all evidence related to your case

We know how frightening it is to be at the mercy of a skilled prosecutor. Instead of leaving the matter to chance because you are innocent, take a proactive approach, and reach out for assistance. Please, continue reviewing the resources on our firm’s website to learn more about your criminal defense options.