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Defend yourself against a DUI in Chicago

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You and your friends went out to celebrate for your 21st birthday, and you had a great time. You had only two drinks the entire night, but they were enough to give you a buzz and keep you in a celebratory mood.

As the night was winding down, you ordered a soda and decided to relax a while before driving home. You wanted to be sure that you weren’t going to be impaired. A few minutes later, you finished your drink and hopped into the driver’s seat, heading toward your destination. 

What happened next was unexpected. You started to feel dizzy and unwell. You swerved a little in your lane as you composed yourself and decided that you’d pull over as soon as you could. You never got the chance, because a police officer stopped you.

They gave you a breath test, and it came back at .04%. It was low enough that you shouldn’t have been feeling as unwell as you were. You tried to explain, but when you failed the field sobriety tests, the officer took you in for drunk driving.

In cases like this, it is very important for you to reach out to your attorney and to be cautious about what you say to the police. Knowing that you didn’t have much alcohol and that your blood alcohol concentration was low, there could have been other reasons for how you felt, like dealing with low blood sugar or having an illicit drug in your system from someone at the bar. Your attorney will help you defend yourself. Remember: Every situation is unique, and a DUI conviction could significantly impact your future.